Empowering Communities with Choice

We help CCEs procure, manage and deliver power – and the power of choice – to
their communities.

As the energy deregulation market expands, more and more Community Choice Energy (CCE) groups are emerging, empowering communities with ability to choose the type of power they consume. CCEs can now choose where their power comes from, the rate they pay for it, and how it’s distributed. Whether choosing an energy portfolio that draws heavily from clean energy sources – like wind and solar – or negotiating rates that will allow them to reinvest savings into community projects, CCEs are changing the power structure in power. EDMS helps CCEs manage their power portfolios with comprehensive back-office data and billing management solutions. Our team designs custom software platforms unique to each CCE that help identify, house, and act on data that boosts efficiency and minimizes customer impact. With EDMS, you choose your power, and we’ll take care of the rest.